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5 Reasons You Should Choose a Certified Chimney Sweep Service

Your fireplace is an essential component of your home, providing a source of warmth and comfort on colder days and evenings. For it to do its job, and do it safely, cleaning and maintenance are a must. That means you need to perform a chiney sweep, and this isn’t a DIY project that you should do. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 reasons you should choose a certified chimney sweep service.

Why Hire Certified Chimney Sweep Professionals?

A professional chimney sweep can help ensure that your chimney is clean and in good working order. However, to get your chimney cleaned you don’t want to hire just anyone. Optimal chimney maintenance requires certified chimney sweep services.

Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration have two critical chimney sweep industry certifications: Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Chimney Sweep Guild.

The CSIA Chimney Sweep Certification

The CSIA is a non-profit dedicated to educating, training, and certifying chimney professionals. The organization holds its credential holders to high standards, assuring homeowners their chimneys, and their homes will be in good hands.

Holders of the CSIA certification are required to continue their education and maintain their certification periodically otherwise the certification is removed. This certification is a must-have for hiring a safe, knowledgeable, professional chimney sweep service.

The National Chimney Sweep Guild Certification

The National Chimney Sweep Guild is another non-profit that provides its members with industry-leading education and hands-on training events and certification programs. Again, certification from such an organization lets homeowners know they’re working with a highly qualified chimney professional.

Are you looking for a chimney sweep service for your home? Here are five reasons why you should choose a certified chimney sweep company.

1. Chimney Sweeps Must Pass an Exam to Obtain Their Certification

Education and training are only a part of the process. Chimney professionals also need to pass exams to show that they know and understand the most up-to-date best practices for cleaning, inspecting, repairing, and maintaining chimneys. These educational and training requirements ensure that you’re home’s fire safety is in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. Learn more about What To Expect From a Professional Chimney Sweep Cleaning.

Chimney Sweep and Maintenance Certifications also require training in and testing on several topics, including:

  • Codes and standards for chimney construction and fireplace installation
  • Construction and mechanics of chimneys and fireplaces
  • The science behind creosote formation and how to reduce creosote build-up risk

2. Certification Verifies the Chimney Sweep Company

Having certification from an organization like CSIA or the National Chimney Sweep Guild provides proof that a company has undergone rigorous training. Not only that, but they know their stuff. The non-profit organizations have recognized the chimney sweeps for their dedication and knowledge. In other words, the company is one you can trust to do a professional job.

If you hire a company that isn’t certified, there is no guarantee that they will know what they are doing. Their negligence or failure to perform the contracted work can increase the fire risk in your home, lead to toxic gas build-up, and endanger everyone living in your home. Although non-certified chimney sweep services may be cheaper, you want to be wary. Cheaper doesn’t mean better, or safer.

3. Certified Chimney Sweeps Sign Ethics Agreements

It’s more than the extensive training and a wealth of knowledge that certified chimney professionals receive that sets them apart from the rest. Certified professionals also need to commit to working ethically and honestly. That commitment comes in the form of signing an ethics agreement.

At Valley Chimney our team always provides upfront and honest communication about what will be required to complete the job.

4. Organizations Actively Monitor Changing Regulations and Codes

Over time, fire codes and standards for chimney construction and maintenance can change. Staying current with the latest updates is crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of your chimney. Check out our other blog Gas Fireplace Safety Tips to Protect Your Home From a Fire for more fireplace safety tips.

CSIA and the National Chimney Sweep Guild continually monitor changes in codes and regulations. They then pass that information on to their credential holders.

5. Maintaining Chimney Sweep Certification Requires Continued Education and Training

Certified chimney sweeps don’t stop once they receive their credentials. They have to work actively to maintain their certifications. That means attending regular training and education opportunities such as conventions, conferences, and other events. Maintaining certifications also assures homeowners like yourself that the service they receive will be of the highest quality.

Choose Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration for Your Chimney Sweep Needs

Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration, Certified Chimney Sweep ProfessionalsAre you in need of a chimney sweep after reading 5 reasons you should choose a certified chimney sweep service? The CSIA and National Chimney Sweep Guild-certified professionals at Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration are here to help.

Valley Chimney is a family-owned chimney service company that has served over 40,000 chimneys since its inception in 1978. Our clients are located in the far west suburbs of Chicago and receive quality services from our Certified Chimney Sweeps™.

We offer a wide range of professional chimney services. For well over 40 years, our primary company focus is to make residential chimneys safer to use. With constantly updated skills, techniques, and the latest equipment, our goal is to reduce chimney fire hazards and be your Chimney Sweep for Life.

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