Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

benefits of gas burning fireplace

When you think of a fireplace, your mind may immediately conjure up images of a traditional wood burning fireplace, with the smell of burning firewood filling the room. However, in recent years, gas fireplaces have increased in popularity and are being installed much more frequently.

At Valley Chimney, we inspect both types of fireplaces, but gas fireplaces do have some advantages.

Reasons to Install a Gas Fireplace:

Easy and convenient – Gas fireplaces eliminate the time-consuming and sometimes messy task of finding, chopping, collecting, and storing firewood. They are very easily controlled, by simply flipping a switch. In fact, some can even be controlled with a remote control. Many of the newer models even have timers, which allow you to set a time to turn it off in case you accidentally fall asleep. Gas fireplaces don’t need a chimney, meaning they can be installed in more areas of the home, such as the bedroom, bathroom, basement, or patio.

Safer – Because a fire isn’t burning, there are no sparks, open flames, or toxic fumes to worry about with a gas fireplace, meaning they are a safer option for children and pets.

Low maintenance – Gas fireplaces don’t produce creosote or ash, meaning there is no build up and less cleaning involved. Of course, we still recommend regular inspections, no matter which type of fireplace you decide on.

Warmer – Gas fireplaces can provide much more warmth than the traditional wood burning fireplace, as many include a built-in blower that help circulate warm air throughout your home.

No bans – Some states have banned wood burning fireplaces due to environmental harm, but gas fireplaces haven’t been banned anywhere.

Environmentally friendly – Because they produce less emissions than wood-burning fireplaces and burn much cleaner, gas fireplaces are a more environmentally friendly option.

Cost-effective – Gas fireplaces are typically cheaper to install in the home. They can also save up to 25% on your energy bill, especially if you decide to go with zone heating, which allows you to heat a room only when you are using it.

If you currently have a gas fireplace and aren’t sure if it’s time to clean it, check out this past blog.

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