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Get Your Chimney Ready For Fall

In a few weeks, we’ll say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Now is the best time to have your chimney inspected and cleaned for the colder months, and Valley Chimney can help!

Before fall arrives and you use your fireplace, have a professional chimney sweep conduct a detailed chimney inspection that you might not have the knowledge or tools to do on your own. Valley Chimney will perform an inspection and/or cleaning on your chimney so it’s in top working condition and ready to embrace the temperature change.

Our inspection process is very detailed, and we ask the questions that will determine the work that needs to be done. Some of our inspection process is below:

  • Ask about anything wrong or iffy you’ve noticed about your fireplace or chimney that you’d like us to take a look at
  • Inspect the external and internal structure of your fireplace and chimney, and look for signs of damage, deterioration, cracking, and weathering
  • Make sure the chimney damper opens and closes properly
  • Examine the chimney cap and flashing to make sure they are fitted to the chimney properly to avoid water leaks or animals and debris from entering
  • Ensure that anything combustible is at least 18 inches away from your fireplace (curtains, furniture, decorations, etc).
  • Teach you how to properly care for your fireplace and chimney including proper ash removal, what types of firewood to burn, signs to look out for, etc.

Our team doesn’t just stop at the inspection part though, after we’ve taken an in-depth look at your chimney, we’ll decide if you need any further maintenance. If your chimney is in need of a cleaning, we’ll figure out a day/time that works best for your chimney cleaning or repairs. If you haven’t scheduled your fall chimney service , contact Valley Chimney today. Let us help you safely enjoy a cozy fire this fall and winter.

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