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What is Chimney Relining & Why Is It Important?

It’s important to perform routine maintenance on your chimney; you don’t just need to worry about chimney sweeps and animals in your chimney, but you should also worry about your chimney liners. The chimney liner is one of the most important parts of a chimney, and it can be expensive to repair.

If your liner is cracked or crumbling, we suggest getting your chimney relined before using your fireplace; relining a chimney also means installing a new flue liner in which the Valley Chimney team can help with.

You may be asking what does a chimney liner help with and why do I need one? Chimney flues and liners are important because they channel heat and gases up through the chimney top and block the heat from causing combustible materials around the chimney from catching fire. The liner can also vent your furnace, boiler, and dryer, along with preventing winter fires. Over time, they can deteriorate, so it’s important to get them checked often to ensure everything is in good shape.

Types of Chimney Liners

While the clay tile liner is typically the most cost-effective solution, in the beginning, and really only needs regular cleaning done to them. However, over time tile liners can deteriorate and carbon monoxide can be leaked into the home if there is a crack in the tile. Replacing a tile liner is very labor-intensive and usually, chimney professionals have to break through chimney walls in many places to remove old flue tiles and install new ones. By the time, the lining has been installed the costs have increased and it’s no longer a cost-effective option.

A metal flue liner or stainless steel chimney liner is an option that many homeowners tend to go with, as they’re recommended by fire protection experts and usually come with a lifetime guarantee. The top of the line flue liners come in flexible and rigid formats. The installation and cost are expensive, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

How Valley Chimney Can Help

Valley Chimney can assess your chimney, and evaluate if your chimney needs to be relined. You can either replace the liner of your existing chimney or install a new liner on your chimney. At Valley Chimney, we have two options a metal flue liner or a clay tile liner which are both great and effective if your chimney flue is in need of repair. Our team of chimney professionals highly recommend for our clients use the metal flue liner, because it’s pre-fabricated in many shapes and sizes, and it’s customizable to the specifications of your particular chimney.

The relining options are usually dictated by the type of chimney you have, the professionals at Valley Chimney can help you determine what is the best relining option. Contact Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration today to schedule your appointment with us!

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