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Why Is My Chimney Rusting & How Can I Prevent It?

We’re often asked if it’s normal for a chimney to rust, and the answer is yes. Your chimney is exposed to the weather elements and while you can’t prevent those conditions or the rust from occurring, you can stop it from doing any more damage to your chimney with the help of Valley Chimney.

Once rust stains are found on your chimney, you should work to have them removed as soon as possible. Because rust is an oxidized material, it can accelerate the deterioration of your chimney. Our professionals will use a product that is specifically for removing rust stains off of masonry chimneys. Not only can the product remove rust, but it can also take off creosote stains, mildew, algae, mortar splatter, and more.

The reddish stains on your chimney are often caused by a rusted cap. Chimney caps or chase covers over time can deteriorate and cause more problems than rust for your home. A chimney cap is important to have on your home because it will keep the rain, snow, sleet, and more from entering your home. The vital piece of chimney equipment will keep the moisture out and prevent any destruction from happening.

Homeowners may often notice rust stains on the exterior of the chimney, usually running down the side of the chimney, or along the bottom of the chimney. It can be very destructive to the chimney and any materials like clay flue tiles, brick and mortar, and more. The rust can affect and damage the chimney flashing as well, allowing leak water where the chimney meets the roof.

What Chimney Materials Can I Use To Prevent Rust

When there’s mesh on your flue topper or chase top, it can serve many purposes. The mesh can keep out debris, like leaves and tree limbs, as well as animals. There are only a few types of animals that are known to go into the chimney like raccoons, snakes, birds, bats, and squirrels. Not only can the mesh keep out animals and debris, but it can also serve as a spark guard to prevent hot embers from escaping the chimney and catching the roof or other combustible materials on fire.

A copper or stainless-steel chimney cap will prevent chimney rust stains and the caps are durable and will last the life of your chimney. The best way to prevent chimney rust is to minimize potential exposure to moisture. We suggest inspecting and cleaning your chimney annually. We also recommend making the repairs necessary to prevent any further damage.

Valley Chimney can remove rust stains, prevent any future ones, and install the chimney parts you need to protect your home. Check out our before and after gallery, to see the rust removal work we’ve done and schedule your inspection today.

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