Dryer Exhaust Venting Tips from Terry & Derek

When was the last time you had your dryer vent exhaust cleaned?

The CSIA recommends your dryer exhaust venting be inspected yearly and cleaned when needed by a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician ( C-DET ) to cut down on needless clothes dryer/house fires and CO poisonings caused by bad venting.

Did you know?

Besides fire and CO poisoning potentials, lint build up can cause your drying cycle to double the time needed to dry your clothes, wasting natural gas and electricity.


Valley Chimney has been offering dryer vent cleaning to our sweeping customers for many years.

dryer vent before and after cleaning


After years of working in homes, we are noticing a new trend; longer, more convoluted vent runs with the wrong materials being used. This happens in both newer homes and house rehabs where the laundry was moved from the basement, first floor or on an outside wall location.

Common sense and straightforward venting practices are being superseded by vanity and ‘ease of location” concerns.

Here are some tips to consider if you are moving your laundry room, if you are in the process of cleaning out the laundry room or if you just purchased a home:


  1. All dryers must vent to the outside of the home
  2. Gas-fired dryers can’t use plastic hose anywhere
  3. Shorter, direct vent runs are best for safety AND efficiency.
  4. All types of dryers need lint filters and they need cleaning often
  5. Don’t use “fabric softeners” unless you plan on WASHING the lint filter after each cycle.
  6. Birds can lift and open the plastic louvers of an outside vent termination to build their combustible obstructions (aka nests).
  7. Keep the laundry room door open during the drying cycle. Fresh air is needed for correct combustion and for draft air.

Dryer Vent Rules: Flexible, foil ducting can only be used to connect the dryer to the venting (in the same room as the dryer). All venting must be with 4″ diameter rigid metal venting. No flexible foil type connector can be used in the inaccessible, hidden areas of the walls, attic, basement on crawl spaces just because it’s easier to install than elbows and cut to fit pieces of 4″ rigid metal.

We at Valley Chimney are all for do-it-yourself projects, but when it comes to safety, a homeowner must know their limits. If you’ve never had your dryer vent exhaust professionally cleaned, consider the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you had your exhaust system cleaned and inspected by a nationally certified dryer vent professional. Valley Chimney is on that list of certified dryer venting professionals and we can help you with your dryer vent exhaust cleaning if you live in the far western Chicago suburbs.

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