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Facts About Chimney Cracks

Chimneys usually don’t need much maintenance besides the annual chimney sweep. However, at some point, it can show signs of damage, especially chimney cracks. A chimney can sustain damage from weather elements, and the house aging over time. Homeowners with a masonry chimney might not know exactly what to do.

Some of the causes for a chimney crack include:

  • Lightning Strikes
  • Settling of the House
  • Violent Hail Storms/High Winds
  • Faulty Chimney Footing
  • Low-Quality Masonry Materials
  • Intense Hot & Cold Weather
  • Old Age

Chimney cracks can cause a lot more problems if they’re not inspected. Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration can repair cracks and prevent any water or further damage from affecting your chimney. There are some signs of a cracked chimney that you can look for before hiring a chimney professional. Some of the signs of a damaged chimney include:

  • Obvious cracks
  • Loose bricks
  • Patches of crumbled mortar on the roof
  • Water in the firebox
  • Damp sections on the interior ceiling and walls
  • Strong, musty odors coming from the fireplace
  • White stains on the exterior of the chimney

It’s important to have your chimney repaired as soon as possible with the help of a certified chimney professional. Valley Chimney can fix minor cracks with a waterproof coating to prevent water from entering the chimney. Tuckpointing can also take place if there are larger cracking and more damage to the chimney done. Our chimney professionals can help you prevent further damage and more expensive repairs.

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