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Why You Need Glass Doors On Your Fireplace

Spring is around the corner, and while you may not be using your fireplace for the next couple of months, you should still think about installing glass doors on your fireplace. There are many benefits to having doors on your fireplace, including conserving your home’s energy and improving the efficiency, design, and safety of your fireplace.

Valley Chimney can install a new set of glass doors, to help prevent unwanted drafts and help with unexplained smoke and CO alarms. The doors we install are the Rainbow-style from Hearth Craft, made in the USA. This model is made of an anodized, heat-resistant, aluminum frame that is 5/8″ thick and 1 and 1/16’ wide. They’re measured and customized specifically for your fireplace, with a slanted square frame door to ensure a snug fit in prefabricated box openings.

When it comes to choosing your fireplace doors, there are many options and price points to consider. We’ll measure your fireplace for the doors, and ask what finish and glass you would like. Some of the available finishes include polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel, and gloss black. The glass options you can choose from include; clear, gray, bronze, and bevel.

Not only do they pay for themselves in the long run, but they also help with fireplace drafts that can occur. When a fire is lit, air continues to travel up the flue because the damper is open, which causes an updraft. Without glass doors in place, the draft can only be stopped if the chimney cools down to a lower temperature than your home, or if you close the damper.

The fireplace draws in large amounts of your room’s heated air, while some of it is used to complete the combustion process, more air is driven up the flue in a draft, which is a good thing. The overdraft in the firebox cools the area and prevents a smoky living room. As the fire starts to die, and you want to leave the room, your heated room air is still being drawn up the chimney. Your furnace is heating the air that’s essentially being wasted up the chimney because you can’t close the damper. There are two ways you can safely close off the waste. You could wait for hours to close the damper, or you could close a set of properly fitted glass doors and call it a night, meaning you won’t have to come back to a cold room the next morning.

Install Glass Fireplace Doors

Hearth Craft fireplace enclosures are sold with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and take 7 to 10 days for delivery. We’ve installed hundreds of these glass door models, and we know what needs to be ordered and the best fit for your fireplace. If you’re interested in having glass doors installed, contact Valley Chimney today to learn more!

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