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Don’t Burn These Items In Your Fireplace

No matter the chimney and fireplace system you have, whether it’s a wood-burning stove, or a factory built fireplace, it’s important to keep in mind what you’re burning. If you have gas logs, you don’t necessarily need to worry about…

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Minimize Creosote Buildup With The Right Firewood

Choosing firewood for your chimney is important, because what you burn can determine the amount of creosote in your chimney. If the narrow passage where combustion materials are carried out of your home is clogged by creosote, it can be…

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fireplace mantel decorated for holidays

Winter Fire Safety Precautions

Homeowners have started pulling out their Christmas decorations early this year, and turning on their fireplace early to enjoy a cozy fire. During the winter months, the chances of you using your fireplace are higher, and we recommend having it…

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Top Reasons for Chimney Damage

Chimney damage can appear from many different things, including chimney fires, leaks, weather and more. Over the years of our team repairing chimneys, we’ve seen damages from each of the reasons that we’ll mention below. Damages will happen over time,…

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Chimney Repairs You Should Have Done

As we’ve said before, it’s crucial to schedule your annual chimney inspection. We recommend scheduling it for a year in advance, if possible. If you schedule your inspection well before the start of cool weather, you’ll have enough time to…

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Prepare Your Wood Burning Fireplace Ready for Fall

Summer is winding down, which means fall and cold weather is coming. Before the cold weather hits, make sure your wood-burning fireplace is ready to add warmth and comfort to your home. We recommend having any chimney maintenance done well…

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Why Is My Chimney Tilted?

If your chimney is leaning, an inspection and repair are needed right away. As we’ve said before, chimney maintenance is essential, because it can help keep moisture, animals, and debris out of the masonry system. But annual chimney maintenance can…

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Understanding Your Fireplace Damper

There are many parts to a fireplace and chimney that you may not think about until it’s time to start a fire or have a chimney sweep done. One component of the chimney that you likely know about is the…

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professional chimney sweeps

Why Annual Chimney Sweeps Are So Important

Chimney sweeps are an essential part of home maintenance, and they should be done annually. Not only is it a good home safety measure, but it also prevents life-threatening hazards. The ideal time to have your chimney swept is during…

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Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance During the Summer Months

Summer is the best time to have your chimney maintenance completed. Whether it’s a chimney sweep or repairs, consider scheduling an appointment with a chimney sweep service. By scheduling your inspection now, you could have more appointment options and you can…

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