Recent Chimney Cap Replacement in Oswego, IL

We were called to fix a chimney leak after Affordable Roofing (Aurora, IL) referred the homeowners to us. Turns out that they were a previous sweeping customer from the 80s. But over 30 years of weather had deteriorated the sill stones that were used to close off the chimney top and they were just sitting in place because of gravity. Luckily, the beautiful stonework was still in great shape. Our company routinely repairs and fixes these chimney leaks.

Derek and Paul replaced the sill stones with a proper cement chimney cap/ crown and installed a new flue tile and a rain cover. The cement chimney cap is poured in place and has a slight slope to the outside with an overhang to shed rainwater off the chimney. Hard to see but the flues are separated from the new cement by an expansion joint and there is a bond break between the top cement and the stonework. This should allow many more years of usage for this great-looking chimney. We do about 250 of these repairs per year.

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“We had Valley Chimney Sweep out to check out a cracked firebox on a home we were considering purchasing.  They were honest & upfront about the condition of the chimney, what would need to be repaired, and what future repairs would look like (the chimney was built incorrectly).  The price for inspection was reasonable and if we choose to have the work done, the inspection payment is considered a prepayment toward the repairs.”

‐ Sarah W.

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