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Schedule Your August Chimney Sweep

Summer is coming to an end, which means fall and chilly weather is right around the corner, and before you know it, you’ll want to start a fire. Before lighting your first fire of the season though, the National Fire Protection Association, recommends all homeowners should get a chimney inspection and cleaning before their first fire of the season.

August is the best month to have your chimney cleaned and inspected, chimney sweeps aren’t as busy, and you can get this task crossed off your fall to-do list. By getting your chimney sweep done now, your system will be ready for fall and winter ahead of time, and you won’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment in October or November.

There are many benefits to getting a chimney sweep so early on, such as:

  • Reduce fire hazard
  • Find chimney problems early
  • Remove obstructions
  • Add necessary components
  • Safeguard against carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Eliminate chimney smells
  • Peace of mind

To make sure your fireplace is ready to go for the season change, it’s important to hire a chimney sweep professional, like Valley Chimney to perform the proper inspections/cleanings.

How Valley Chimney Can Help You This Fall

By having us come out to your home, our team will perform a detailed chimney inspection service that you might not be able to do on your own. Our team of chimney experts will perform an inspection or cleaning your chimney to ensure it’s ready for the winter.

Our team will ask a series of questions to you during an inspection, the Valley Chimney experts will:

  • Ask about anything wrong or iffy you’ve noticed about your fireplace or chimney that you’d like us to take a look at
  • Inspect the external and internal structure of your fireplace and chimney, and look for damage, deterioration, cracking and weathering
  • Make sure the chimney damper properly opens and closes
  • Examine the chimney cap and flashing to make sure they are fitted to the chimney properly to avoid water leaks or animals and debris from entering
  • Ensure that anything combustible is at least 18 inches away from your fireplace(curtains, furniture, decorations, etc.)
  • Teach you how to properly care for your fireplace and chimney including proper ash removal, what types of firewood to burn, signs to look out for, etc.

Once our inspection is complete, our certified chimney sweeps will decide if your system needs any repairs or cleaning. If you need a cleaning, we will schedule a day and time that works best with you, and during a cleaning appointment our team will do everything to protect the environment around the fireplace, and keep it clean, our team will also remove all signs of soot, debris, and ashes.

If your fireplace is due for a checkup, schedule your inspection and cleaning with Valley Chimney today, and we’ll make sure your chimney is ready to go for fall!

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“We had Valley Chimney Sweeps out to check out a cracked firebox on a home we were considering purchasing.  They were honest & upfront about the condition of the chimney, what would need to be repaired, and what future repairs would look like (the chimney was built incorrectly).  Price for inspection was reasonable and if we choose to have the work done, the inspection payment is considered a prepayment toward the repairs.”

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