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Chimney Cleaning & Maintenance During the Summer Months

before and after chimney repairSummer is the best time to have your chimney maintenance completed. Whether it’s a chimney sweep or repairs, consider scheduling an appointment with a chimney sweep service. By scheduling your inspection now, you could have more appointment options and you can check that task off of your to-do list.

Why Now Is The Best Time For Maintenance?

Chimney repairs could involve mortar compounds, tuckpointing, or crown rebuilding, and it’s better to do those during the warmer months. While those repairs can be done on your home’s exterior, there are a few repairs chimney technicians will have to enter your home for, including a firebox repair, fireplace insert installation, or a chimney sweep.

A chimney sweep service can safely remove flammable creosote with help of specialized brushes, scrubbers, and vacuums. Creosote can build up in your flue any time you burn a fire. It can be sticky, flakey, or solid and is highly flammable in all forms. Draft obstructions such as the nests of small animals and tree debris that may have entered your flue can be removed by chimney sweeps during your chimney maintenance appointment as well. Smoke that is drafted inefficiently can back up and carry deadly carbon monoxide throughout your home.

Request a Chimney Safety Inspection

It’s never a bad idea to have a chimney safety inspection done. Certified chimney technicians are qualified to perform all CSIA level chimney inspections. Once a year, a basic inspection should be scheduled where all of the visible areas of your chimney and fireplace system can be examined. Our chimney sweeps will look at the structural masonry, chimney cap/chase cover, firebox, chimney crown, and more. Annual chimney inspections help you find early signs of damage or malfunction and have them fixed before the damage gets to be too much and more repair work has to be done.

Repair Damage & Any Issues Found During The Inspection

During the inspection, your chimney inspector will share any issues that were found. No matter how simple or complex the problems are, we suggest addressing and fixing them right away to keep your chimney running properly. This is why we encourage getting on a chimney sweep’s appointment book during the summer as early as you can so you can take on any issues that may arise.

Valley Chimney has been working with homeowners in the local Chicagoland suburbs for over 40 years, ensuring their homes and families are safe and equipped with properly running chimneys. Learn more about our chimney sweep services and schedule your inspection today.

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