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4 Top Chimney Products to Use in Between Your Chicago Chimney Sweeps

Gas and wood-burning fireplaces are aesthetically functional home additions that keep you warm and cozy during winter. You do, however, need to schedule regular chimney maintenance to keep them running efficiently and safely. Valley Chimneys informational blog will help you determine the 4 top chimney products to use in between your Chicago chimney sweeps.

Opting for a professional chimney sweep is an excellent way to avoid the hazards of do-it-yourself (DIY) chimney cleaning. You also avoid racking your brain over what is the best product to clean your chimney.

Maintaining your chimney is important. How often should you get your chimney cleaned? The chimney safety institute of America states that chimneys should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year to prevent chimney fires. Before your next scheduled chimney cleaning with us, you can use Valley Chimney’s top 4 chimney cleaning products to help maintain the cleanliness of your chimney.

The use of top chimney cleaning products will help prevent chimney fires, maintain the appearance of your chimney, and make your chimney last longer. Keep reading to discover the top 4 chimney cleaning products you should have and use in between your Chicago chimney sweeps.

How Much Does it Cost to Sweep a Chimney?

Before we discuss Valley Chimney’s recommended products it’s important to discuss the cost to sweep a chimney. In Chicago, the average chimney cleaning prices range between $149 to $250, depending on the work done. At Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration we offer the most reasonable pricing for Chicago chimney sweep services. We also offer a complete line of top chimney care products to keep your fireplace running safely and efficiently.

Valley Chimney does not recommend DIY chimney sweeps. While you might be fond of DIYs there are many reasons why it’s not recommended. One of the main reasons is because of the risk of injury, to learn more about why DIY chimney sweeps are dangerous read our informational blog.

Keep reading to get the scoop on a few best chimney products that will help maintain your chimney until your next professional Chicago chimney sweep.

Help Maintain Your Chimney With Chimney Liners

Chimney Liners

Poorly maintained flues and chimneys are a leading cause of home fires. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), fires from wood-burning appliances number about 17,920 annually in the United States. One of the most crucial functions of a chimney liner is to prevent accidental fires.

What is a chimney liner? A Chimney liner adds an extra layer of protection to your masonry. Your chimney becomes far more resilient to corrosive byproducts of combustion than the standard brick-and-mortar furnaces, depending on the type of liner used.

We offer stainless steel or aluminum chimney liners for hot water heaters and gas furnaces. There are also stainless steel liners for wood-burning fireplaces. Chimney liners are one of the best ways to maintain your chimney. Ensure your chimney has a long life by getting chimney liners from Valley Chimney & Restoration.

Should I Use ChimneySaver Water Repellent for My Chimney?

ChimneySaver Water RepellentChimneySaver is a volatile organic compound-based water-repellent that contains proprietary epoxy siloxane. This water-based compound penetrates up to ¼-inch of the chimney walls. The extent of absorption often depends on your brickwork’s porosity and the amount of moisture already present.

The compound reacts with the minerals present in the masonry under the influence of atmospheric moisture and ultraviolet light. This reaction results in sturdy chemical bonds beneath the surface, creating a hydrophobic zone that prevents further water absorption. The ChimneySaver Water-repellent also offers freeze/thaw protection and safeguards against efflorescence.

ChimneySaver Water Repellent is available at Valley Chimney. ChimneySaver products are available as professionally applied chimney repair products. Reach out to your Chicago-certified chimney specialist Valley Chimney for more information on this chimney cleaning product.

Do Chimneys Need Chase Top Covers?

Chimney Chase Top Covers

A chase top cover is a piece of metal that encloses the top of your chimney, safeguarding it from environmental elements and improving heat retention. Without a chase top cover, your chimney is more open to the elements and susceptible to damage. Over time, the chase cover may rust, allowing rainwater to drip from the exterior. Our technicians can help inspect and replace your chimney chase cover if necessary.

We normally install vinyl-coated sheet metal covers that offer an excellent combination of compactness and toughness. You can also opt for stainless steel or copper-based chase covers.

Fireplace Glass Doors Help Maintain Chimney

Fireplace With Glass Door

Fireplace glass doors enhance your fireplace’s safety, efficiency, and aesthetics. This chimney product further adds contrast between the hearth, mantel surround, and fireplace.

The door has a square frame and an anodized, heat-resistant aluminum frame. There are also built-in air gaps between the glass panels that improve your chimney’s airflow.

The glass doors are available in different glass options and finishes to seamlessly fit your interior design style. Some finish options include polished brass, antique brass, and polished chrome. The glass options include clear, bronze, bevel, and gray.

Chimney Maintenance for In-Between Chimney Sweeps

Now that you understand the importance of chimney sweeps, why DIY chimney sweeps are not recommended, and the best product to use to maintain your chimney it’s time to consider other maintenance options.

Decrease the odds of a chimney fire by always cleaning out the ashes in the chimney. As winter approaches, and chimney usage increases, winter fireplace maintenance will become more important. It’s crucial to clean out the fireplace ashes regularly.

Avoid using chemicals to clean the inside of your fireplace and around it. Chemical-based products may leave residue in or around the base of the fireplace and be flammable.

Lastly, while it’s on your mind, schedule your Chimney Sweep with Valley Chimney now for the spring. The best time to get a chimney sweep is between the spring and summer or during the warmer months.

Why Valley Provides the Best Chimney Sweep in West Chicago

professional chimney sweeps

At Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration, we hold a standard higher than your chimney, which is why we provide the best chimney sweep in West Chicago suburbs like Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville, and more!

Remember it is highly encouraged to receive a CSIA-certified chimney sweep. A professional chimney sweep helps to ensure that your chimney is clean and in good working order, but optimal chimney maintenance requires certified chimney sweep services. Valley Chimney is the best-certified chimney sweep professional in west Chicago.

Valley Chimneys’ goal is to keep customers happy and safe. Valley has been a family-owned and operated business since 1978. And as such, we follow the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. For us, our clients are treated like our family.

Choose Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration for a Top Chimney Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a certified West Chicago Suburbs Chimney Sweep expert? Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration has you covered. Our top products will keep your chimney in tip-top shape in between your yearly chimney sweeps. Using top-of-the-line chimney cleaning products and accessories, we offer quality Chicago chimney inspection, sweeping, and restoration services.

For well over 40 years, our primary company focus is to make residential chimneys safer to use. With constantly updated skills, techniques, and the latest equipment, our goal is to reduce chimney fire hazards and be your certified chimney sweep time and time again.

From the time you call to make your appointment, to knocking on your door, until our company car rolls out the driveway, we are focused on fulfilling your every fireplace and chimney need. Contact us today for all your chimney maintenance needs and products.

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