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Top Trending Fireplace Ideas for 2023

A new year means new beginnings, and this could be the beginning of having a fireplace in your home! Whether to add some change to your lifelong abode, or renovate a new home, these trending fireplace ideas of 2023 will make your latest addition well worth it.

As the weather gets colder and darker, we all wish to be cozy. But having a great fireplace is not only for keeping warm and lowering bills. Fireplaces are an excellent way to add character and charm to your home’s aesthetic – inside and out.

Like anything, interior and home trends often change. So before you add a new fireplace to your home, make sure you know what’s in! Read on to see the top fireplace ideas for 2023 and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Top Fireplace Ideas for 2023

Your house is your home, the one place that’s all about you! A fireplace only allows your favorite comfort spot to get even more cheerful.

We understand that adding in a new fireplace, gas fireplace, or wood stove is an investment. Not only are there costs associated with this interior project, but once in, these fireplaces become a permanent part of your home.

This is why giving ample thought to your home’s new fireplace ideas is so important! Not only is placement key, but so is the overall look and feel of a fireplace in your room. These top fireplace ideas for 2023 should help make your decision a little easier.

1. Gas Fireplaces Are Trending Fireplace Design Ideas

Image of Gas Fireplace In Modern Living RoomGas fireplaces continue to trend into 2023. Have you always wanted a fireplace but want to avoid the mess, work, and effort required that comes with a traditional fireplace? We’ve got a solution for you!

Gas fireplaces are extremely beneficial. With very realistic flames, you will hardly be able to tell the difference.

Easy to turn off and on, gas fireplaces are energy efficient, and you can rest easy knowing any harmful substances in traditional burning materials won’t be inhaled. Due to being completely sealed, there is less risk of an in-house fire as well since they don’t produce smoke or hot embers

Luckily you don’t need to learn how to install a gas fireplace yourself (since a mistake is not only costly but dangerous.) The gas log fireplace installation experts at Valley Chimney can get the project done for you.

2. Modernize Your Fireplace Aesthetic with Frameless Gas Fireplaces

Image of Frameless Gas FireplaceWhen thinking of fireplaces and chimneys, what typically comes to mind are traditional red brick hearths. While stereotypical for fireplace ideas, get out of that old-school mindset with a frameless modern fireplace!

Luxurious and sleek, these modern fireplace designs really take fireplace ideas up a notch. This allows for your home to have an artsy, architectural look to it without sacrificing any heat.

Their versatility allows it to match a number of interiors, while the gas design allows for ease of use and less cleanup. Due to these features, these trending modern fireplace ideas are changing the game, allowing fireplaces to be in various areas of the house besides just the living room.

Check out the fireplace product selection that Valley has to offer like glass doors and logs for your gas fireplace! While requiring less maintenance, gas fireplaces still need to be maintained – especially their doors. Gas fireplace glass doors are important, and Valley can provide custom or factory-built fitted glass doors for your interior fireplace ideas.

3. Choose A Rustic Wood Stove for A Country Chic Fireplace Design

Image of Woodstove for 2023 trendsWood stoves are trending for a number of excellent reasons. These environmentally friendly heat sources are great at heating up your home, also making them economical as they decrease your heating bill.

While traditional fireplaces create a picturesque feel in your home, they can be messy. Wood stoves allow for easier access, better heating, and less worry.

They also have the flexibility to be in more spaces due to their smaller, manageable sizing. With woodstoves in higher demand, better designs have been made as well making them aesthetically pleasing and a cute, practical addition to any room.

While typical fireplaces can be a lot to handle, and easily lose heat, woodstoves are the perfect balance between a more rustic, traditional feel while still getting a fireplace design upgrade for your home.

A cozy country home is always in style. With country modern homes trending right now, woodstoves match that interior design trend perfectly and are an excellent choice for your list of fireplace design options.

As an industry professional, Valley Chimney is fully equipped to handle this growing trend. We perform woodstove installations well as routine maintenance. Check out our recent blog to see a previous woodstove installation we had a hand in!

4. Remodel Your Existing Fireplace Mantel

Image of Modern Painted Mantel for 2023 Fireplace TrendsThis is a great option for those who want a change but like a more traditional wood-burning fireplace – or need to do so in a budget-friendly way. Simple cosmetic fireplace hearth ideas are an easy way for an immediate change that is still creative!

Swapping out your fireplace mantel allows for an instant upgrade. Using a fireplace mantel with exquisite trim makes your hearth fancier for your guests, while a solid wood beam tones down the space with natural accents.

But there is more to change than just the mantel! Painting your fireplace hearth is an easy fix. Covering your red bricks with a whitewash brightens up the room for a trendy clean, crisp look but any coordinating color with your space will do.

Another choice is to use fireplace masonry to swap out old bricks for new tile. This is a creative way to add texture, color, and customize your fireplace ideas more to your liking without the hassle or costs.

5. Create an Outdoor Fireplace Space

Image of Modern Metal Outdoor Fireplace for 2023 TrendsFireplaces are favored largely due to the fact that they bring the outdoors in. The crackle of a fire and the smell of fresh wood bring such natural elements to a home.

While some people may already have a fireplace inside, or don’t feel it is necessary, you can always add an outdoor firepit as a potential fireplace idea!

Having an outside hang-out spot is great for all types of homes. This allows you to enjoy a warm fire in a natural outdoor environment. It also allows the mess of a wood-burning fireplace to stay outside your clean home.

And the best part of an outdoor fireplace? You can get more use out of it. Gathering around a bonfire is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and your company, no matter the season.

So here’s to smores year-round! Make sure you take outdoor this fireplace idea into consideration for your 2023 renovations.

Maintain Your New Fireplace With Professional Chimney Maintenance

Regardless of which fireplace design trend you enjoy the most, they all require the same thing: routine chimney sweep maintenance and care.

While the top 5 fireplace ideas of 2023 vary in the costs required, each is an investment for your home. Don’t let your money go up in smoke by creating a faulty chimney that burns up your budget.

To keep your new fireplace, woodstove, gas fireplace, or existing chimney going it needs regular maintenance. And doing so it yourself is not a safe option.

The chimney cleaning and maintenance that Valley performs is very dangerous. Due to certain toxins from burned materials, the height we operate at, and other reasons, you should always rely on a chimney sweep professional to take care of your fireplace – never do it yourself.

You can read our helpful blog to understand more about why DIY chimney sweeps are dangerous and only certified professionals like Valley Chimney should be hired to maintain our fireplace.

As a full-service chimney sweep maintenance and repair company, Valley Chimney is prepared to help in any way we can. See our full list of chimney and fireplace services to learn how we can best help you today!

Keep Your Fireplace Design Like New With Valley Chimney

A new year is a perfect time to implement new changes to your home. And what could be better for this time of year than to add in new fireplaces ideas for 2023?

From gas fireplaces, to woodstoves, to outdoor chimneys, Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration is prepared to handle all of the latest 2023 fireplace design ideas.

Our CSIA-certified professionals have years of both industry experience and product knowledge. Whether you are in store for a routine chimney sweep or the issues go deeper, we want to help in any way we can.

Contact us today to get your appointment set up! We are excited to see what fireplace design is in store for us at your home.

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