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What Is Chimney Tuckpointing And Should I Have It Done? 

All masonry chimneys need to be repaired at some point, and the mortar joints become damaged due to bad weather conditions, especially excessive water amounts. Moisture can even damage rock masonry when water gets into the weakened joints. Bricks can last a lifetime, but mortar doesn’t have that much of a lifespan. Mortar can last about 25 years, depending on the weather conditions it’s exposed to.

If you’re noticing that your masonry chimney has started to crack and deteriorate from ice, water, snow, and other Earth elements, it may be time to have your chimney tuckpointed by a local chimney professional. There are a few ways you can fix your chimney and repair the damages that may have incurred, but chimney tuckpointing is one of the best ways to take care of those problems.

Essentially, chimney tuckpointing is done by chimney professionals who remove old damaged mortar and repair the chimney by applying fresh mortar to the masonry joints on the blocks, stones, or bricks. The new mortar will give strong, water-resistant joints and match the existing masonry texture and color. It will extend the life of your chimney and prevent any further chimney restoration.

There are some benefits to tuckpointing your chimney in order to extend the life of your chimney.

  • Corrosion of the mortar joints is stopped
  • The structural stability of the chimney is restored. Not repairing the mortar joints will result in a weak chimney structure, eventually allowing it to lean or collapse.
  • Tuckpointing helps prevent the water from entering into the chimney system. If the mortar joints are not repaired, water will seep down the chimney and sometimes between the chimney and flue lining. Moisture can do serious damage like causing mold, mildew, and rotting wood.
  • Tuckpointing is more cost-effective than a complete demolition and rebuild of your chimney.
    Your chimney’s masonry materials are restored back to their original condition, and the value of your home is improved.

A good masonry chimney can hold up for well for 100+ years, as long as it’s annually inspected, occasionally sealed, and usually remains dry throughout the year.  We recommend having your chimney annually inspected and cleaned to prevent any damages from happening. If you believe you may need your chimney tuckpointed, or you would like to have an inspection done, give Valley Chimney a call today!

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