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What To Expect From a Professional Chimney Sweep Cleaning?

A fireplace is a beautiful addition to your home, providing extra warmth during winter and cold nights. Chimneys play a critical role in safely removing toxic byproducts from a fireplace into the atmosphere. The burning of wood, oil, coal, or pellets causes soot, glaze, and creosote to accumulate on the chimney’s inner surface. A poorly functioning chimney leads to lower indoor air quality and increases the risk of accidental fires. With the help of expert chimney services, you can easily clean and maintain your fireplace. Here is further insight into what to expect from a professional chimney cleaning services.

What Does a Professional Chimney Cleaning Include?

If you’ve never had a professional chimney cleaning before, you may be asking yourself what does the service entail? Here’s an overview of what to expect when setting up your professional chimney cleaning.

Making an Appointment

After choosing and scheduling a chimney sweep, you may get a call in advance confirming your booking along with a few specific instructions. These instructions may include the time the professional sweep will come to your premises and how to prepare for their arrival.

Your chimney cleaning expert will help you decide which services you need, whether it’s a simple chimney cleaning or you need a full inspection of your chimney to determine if there is damage, putting your chimney at risk.

Prepare for Chimney Cleaning

Avoid lighting your fireplace for at least 24 hours before cleaning day to allow the chimney. Try to make the fireplace accessible by clearing any furniture or décor from the surrounding area. You can also cover furnishings to avoid unnecessary clean-up afterward although our chimney cleaning professionals always strive to leave residents’ fireplaces looking as clean as we found them.

Meeting the Expert at the Door

The chimney sweep company can send an individual or a pair of cleaning technicians. You can expect them to carry all the necessary tools to service your chimney. These include HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuums, creosote bushes, cameras, and chemical cleaners.

The technician is often appropriately dressed for the tasks with goggles, gloves, and masks for protection from ash and soot. Your technician should also carry a CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) or National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certification for proper identification. Check for the expert qualifications on the chimney cleaners website. If you don’t see these then you definitely need to ask about them. You don’t want to hire a professional that isn’t qualified to perform the job. It could put your family’s health and safety at risk.

Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

The chimney technician will inspect and prepare the area for proper sweeping by spreading a plastic down or drop cloth. Your expert will then use a long, heavy, metal bristle brush to scrape at the dirty chimney lining. They may choose to start from the roof’s chimney access by removing the damper and working downwards or to start from the flue and work upwards.

After cleaning the smoke shelf, smoke chamber, and firebox by hand, the professional will reinstall the damper. Bats and birds tend to nest in dark and warm places like chimneys. They are, however, at risk of choking or getting burnt any time you light a fire.

If these animals are found, your technician will safely remove them and encourage their relocation elsewhere. Rest assured that your professional chimney cleaner will also sweep up or vacuum any debris and coatings that fall into and around the fireplace.

Chimney Report and Next Appointment

After a thorough inspection of the chimney, the sweep will issue a report on the state of your fireplace and heat exhaust system. The professional may use a camera to reveal potential problems and advise you on possible solutions. Afterward, you can schedule the next chimney cleaning and inspection or any additional repairs needed.

Why Is DIY Chimney Cleaning a Bad Idea?

While DIY chimney cleaning may seem like a money-saving option, it carries a few inherent risks. Without the proper gear, you are in danger of inhaling dangerous fumes and falling from the roof. You also lack the expertise to identify potential problems with your chimney and knowledge of solutions. Missing out on these potential risks puts your home at risk of a fire, or toxic chemical buildup.

Contact the Chimney Cleaning Experts at Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration

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