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Fantastic and Safe Uses of a Fireplace for Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Besides the unknown temperature changes in the air, we also appreciate the fun and creativity that the season holds in store, starting with Halloween. Fire has long been part of decor for Halloween, whether to use for light or heat. There is a scary aspect to the element of fire and especially with children involved, we want all families to be safe.   If you haven’t had your chimney swept yet, now is the time. But, if you are willing to hold off on lighting it until after Halloween, we’ve wrestled up some creative, safe, and inexpensive ways to use your fireplace or incorporate fire into your Halloween decor. We also started a Pinterest board with some inspiration. Please let us know if you have something you would like to add to our list or a creative way you have used fire, or fake fire, for your own decoration this Halloween. Follow Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration’s board Halloween & Autumn Fireplace Displays on Pinterest.


Serene Autumn

Think pumpkins, mums, and candles (flameless of course). This will add fall decor to your fireplace enhancing your living space with a seasonal touch. A pine cone wreath with accents of orange hues, berries, and leaves completes the ambiance. Here is a favorite from The Frugal Homemaker.


Scary and Simple

If you are going for a little scare factor, this option is pretty simple to set up and can really get your guests’ hearts pumping as they walk by the fireplace. We just hope that one of these never falls from the chimney while we are doing a sweeping.

safe halloween decoration fireplace skeleton

Credit here.

safe fireplace halloween

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Special Effects – No Lighter Necessary

Rather than light a real fire, consider some special effects. Check out these cool basket fires and a very detailed how-to guide here. safe fireplace halloween decor


A Little Bit of Everything – spooky, cute and creative

These are favorite uses of a fireplace. They incorporate the use of all the spooky, colorful, and fun aspects of Halloween and fall. Maybe a little creepy, maybe just good Halloween fun. safe fireplace decorations halloween Credit here. fun fireplace mantle idea

Credit here.


Whatever the occasion, Valley Chimney Sweep of Yorkville, IL just wants you to be safe. Fire is no joke so before incorporating fire into your decor and design, consider what is flammable and where the flammable items are placed. Have a safe and happy halloween filled with lots of treats and no fire tricks!

Happy Halloween!