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New Lenox Chimney Sweep

New Lenox Chimney Sweep

Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration has spearheaded safety and consistency within the chimney sweep profession since 1978. Providing chimney services in New Lenox, Illinois since our inception, our business goals remain: keep your home safe, warm and up to date. Valley Chimney is proud to serve the New Lenox community and help families keep their chimneys clean and their homes safe.

The historical town of New Lenox, Illinois is the “Home of Proud Americans.” With areas of the town located in unincorporated areas offering sprawling wooded lots and other parts of the Village showcasing newer subdivisions and even some multi-family construction, many buildings have fireplaces and wood-stoves. Our seasoned and Certified Chimney Sweep® team is trained to handle maintenance and repairs for commercial buildings and homes, historic or not. New Lenox is also known as a growing Chicago suburb, which is why Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration is always ready to install or update a New Lenox chimney or fireplace.

Familiar to many as the Chicagoland chimney sweep company, we understand the complexities of the Midwest’s crazy and unpredictable weather and the havoc that it can wreak on masonry chimneys. Which is why we offer timely and well executed chimney services for our New Lenox clients. In the fall, don’t forget your annual New Lenox chimney sweep. In the spring, while you are plowing through your spring home to-do list (aka: honey-do list), we can help you fix your New Lenox chimney leak. If you have winter masonry damage, let us take care of it over the summer and reline your chimney, reroute your dryer vents and add a new chimney cap to your New Lenox chimney.

We offer a full range of chimney services, and those in the New Lenox community typically seek out: chimney maintenance, fireplace and woodstove cleaning, chimney sweeping, chimney restoration and repair, fireplace conversion to gas, and NFPA Inspections. Whether you are seeking a routine chimney sweep or an emergency repair, our team of certified chimney professionals will be attentive in the process, so our New Lenox clients can relax.

Whether your home is new or full of memories, we can help keep you and your family safe and make timely repairs when needed. For a New Lenox chimney sweep, repair, or service, contact us today!

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We schedule appointments Monday through Saturday. Though we try our best to schedule an appointment as quickly and conveniently as possible for you, during our busy season (approximately September through February), openings may be backed up from 2 weeks to 1 month. For this reason, we encourage our repeat customers to consider Forward Scheduling chimney cleanings during the spring and summer months.