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Chimney Repairs You Should Have Done

As we’ve said before, it’s crucial to schedule your annual chimney inspection. We recommend scheduling it for a year in advance, if possible. If you schedule your inspection well before the start of cool weather, you’ll have enough time to have any repairs and concerns addressed. Homeowners will often schedule last-minute inspections and cleanings, only to discover bigger problems that need to be resolved.

We see some common chimney repairs that need to be done, and they’re not only common because of the age of the chimney, but also the weather elements they’re exposed to in the Midwest. We’ll share some of the common chimney repairs we solve below.

Repairs to the Masonry Bricks

It’s important to properly maintain and protect your masonry brickwork and mortar because it won’t deteriorate as quickly. Water damage is the biggest threat to masonry, although the bricks are absorbent they can hold quite a bit of water. With moisture build-up over time, it will put a strain on your chimney and cause various parts of the chimney structure to break down.

If the masonry isn’t repaired, you could allow more cracks, holes, and gaps to appear, and run the chance of having a gas leak or fire. Valley Chimney can repair damaged brick or mortar with brick replacement and tuckpointing services. Once the repairs are done, we’ll then apply our waterproofing products to prevent any future problems.

Replacing A Chimney Cap

A cap is essential to any chimney. A cap keeps rain, snow, and sleet from entering and causing water damage; and living in the Midwest, we know there’s a lot of that. It’ll also keep animals, and any debris out of the chimney. Without the protective covering, there could be countless items entering your chimney that you wouldn’t even know about.

If your chimney cap wasn’t installed properly, or there isn’t one currently on there, it’s time to get it fixed. A new chimney cap will need to be fitted to ensure your chimney stays in great shape.

Rebuilding The Chimney Crown

Not only does a cap play a crucial role with your chimney, but so does the chimney crown. This will prevent damage and excessive moisture. It’s meant to sit on top of your chimney and slant downwards, ensuring that any water on the chimney is sent out and away from the sides of the structure. Just like anything else, it’s important that it’s constructed correctly and with the right materials to make sure it’s properly working.

Chimney Relining

Your chimney liner could be breaking down over time, and it’s important to have it inspected and repaired if it’s needing to be replaced. The chimney liner will protect the masonry from breaking down faster than normal and it helps the fireplace function properly.

It’s not always possible to replace a damaged liner, but our Valley Chimney team has the tools and training to get the job done. We always recommend installing a brand new liner to the chimney interior, just so everything is new and there are no patches.

Removing Chimney Creosote Build-Up

While creosote removal isn’t necessarily a repair, it’s more of an annual chimney inspection and sweep task, it’s still a good idea to remove any creosote build-up. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to schedule regular cleaning services, because if the creosote builds up too much, it can ignite and cause a chimney fire. If creosote build-up is extensive you may experience gas leaks, carbon monoxide, and more.

Trust Valley Chimney To Repair Your Chimney

Our Valley Chimney team has been working on and servicing chimneys in the Chicagoland suburbs for over 40 years. We have the tools and knowledge to get the job done the right way. An annual inspection is necessary to keep your chimney and fireplace operating safely. Contact us to schedule an estimate today!

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