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The Effects Chimney Fires Have On Your Chimney

Chimney fires are extremely dangerous as you may not know they are happening until it’s too late. Most chimney fires are quiet and slow burning, they’re usually caused by either a stray spark or high temperatures that ignite creosote buildup. Creosote is a highly combustible substance that often looks sticky and tar-like. What makes chimney […]

What Lurks in Your Chimney?

Winter is here, and it’s time to sit by the fire and enjoy a nice evening with your family! Before you can start sparking a fire in your chimney this winter, you should think about the types of things that can be lurking in your chimney from the last time you used it. There are […]

fireplace mantel decorated for holidays

20 Holiday Mantel Decor Ideas to Get You in the Holiday Spirit!

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us, which can only mean one thing – It’s time to decorate the house. You may have already decked the halls with boughs of holly and spent hours wrestling with the Christmas tree, but have you decorated the mantel yet? One of the most […]

Wood burning fireplace

4 Ways to Improve your Wood-Burning Fireplace’s Efficiency

A traditional, wood-burning fireplace creates a comforting ambiance on a cold winter day. However, it’s ability to warm your home can sometimes be a more complicated task than one might think. Since hot air rises, most of the heat that is produced by a fire escapes up through the chimney. Luckily, we’ve come up with […]

National Chimney Safety Week 2018

National Chimney Safety Week 2018

We are celebrating National Chimney Safety Week September 30th – October 6th! Each year during the last week of September, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) runs its biggest promotion – National Chimney Safety Week. Each year, over 22,000 chimney fires occur in the U.S. costing over 125 million dollars in property damages. The […]

Woodstove in Minooka, IL

Valley Chimney Completes Woodstove Installation in Minooka

The Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration team recently completed a woodstove installation in Minooka, IL for a homeowner. The most exciting part about this particular project is that the homeowners trusted us enough to complete the job for them while they were out of town. Throughout the entire process from start to finish, we kept […]

Fall Fireplace

Is your Fireplace Ready for Fall?

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and that means Fall is making its way onto our radar. Before we know it, many of us will be heading to our attics and closets to dig out our tall boots, warm scarves, and cozy sweaters in preparation for the colder weather. Although it’s important for us […]

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces VS Fire Pits

While many of you enjoy the comforts of a traditional, cozy indoor fireplace, some of you may opt for the luxury of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that compliments your patio, adds charm to your outdoor space, and provides warmth on chilly nights. However, how do you know which appliance would be best for […]

Valley Chimney Celebrates 40th Anniversary!

It’s Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration’s 40th anniversary! Valley Chimney was founded in 1978, and has been maintaining and servicing chimneys in the western suburbs of Chicago since then. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the top chimney sweeps in the western Chicago suburbs and pride ourselves on our exceptional craftsmanship […]

Creosote Buildup

The 3 Stages of Creosote Buildup

Have you noticed that it’s becoming harder and harder for your fire to stay lit? Or maybe you spotted a bit of black soot in and around your fireplace? If so, you’re probably witnessing the formation of creosote. Creosote is the byproduct of combustion and condensation that forms in a fireplace. It is created of […]

Chimney Cap

“Put a Cap on it”: Why You Need a Chimney Cap

Do you know what a chimney cap is or what purpose it serves? Although chimney caps aren’t required, chimney professionals highly recommended them as they provide added protection to your chimney and home. So, what exactly is a chimney cap and why do chimney sweeps swear by them? A chimney cap is a metal cap […]


6 Reasons your Fireplace isn’t Working

How many times have you tried to light a fire in your home, and only came out with either a room full of smoke or a fire that just won’t light? When it’s a cold, winter day, the last thing you want to worry about is a fireplace that won’t work. Lucky for you, we’ve […]

Leaking Chimney

Valley Chimney Can Fix Your Leaky Chimney!

Chimney leaks are super common. As a matter of fact, a majority of the phone calls we get from homeowners regard a leaky chimney. However, many homeowners don’t realize their chimney is having a leaking issue until they see noticeable damage. By then, serious harm could have been imposed on your chimney. So, what are […]

Why Choose Valley Chimney

Why Choose Valley Chimney as Your Local Chimney Sweep?

Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration is a family-owned professional chimney sweep located in Yorkville, IL. We currently serve over 30,000 clients throughout the Western Chicago suburbs, and have been inspecting, restoring, and repairing chimneys and fireplaces since 1978. We have received a ton of feedback and several positive reviews from our customers commenting on how […]

Home For Sale

A Chimney Inspection is a Must When Buying or Selling A Home

Would you buy or sell a home that hasn’t been properly inspected for potential problems like mold formation or a leaky roof? We’re hoping your answer is no. Before signing the dotted line and sealing the deal, we hope you’d also consider getting the fireplace and chimney inspected by a professional chimney sweep to avoid […]

Holiday Fireplace

15 Holiday Mantel Decor Ideas

The holiday season is here! If there’s one thing we know, it’s that homeowners love to decorate their home for the holidays. What other time do you get to embellish your house with cozy lights, good-smelling candles, and colorful tinsel? The point of focus for any holiday decorating, of course, is the fireplace and mantel. Whether […]

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

What is Carbon Monoxide and Why is it Dangerous for your Home?

Carbon Monoxide. We all learned about it in our science classes in high school. But do you remember exactly what it is or what it can do? Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas that is toxic to humans and animals in high concentrations. It is a by-product of combustion that is present whenever […]

Need Your Chimney Inspected? Have Us Inspect Your Clothes Dryer Vent Too

As our schedule fills up with annual chimney inspections and cleanings, it’s important we remind our customers about another fire hazard in the home — the clothes dryer vent. Each year there are about 3,000 dryer fires in the United States, causing about $35 million in property damage. Many of those are caused by vents […]

How to Tell if Your Chimney is on Fire and Prevent It

As temps continue to fall, we begin to hear more and more of chimney fires. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission statistics, there are about 22,500 house fires annually caused by chimneys. And as we always say, not all chimney fires are preventable, but most are. One question we often get from homeowners concerned about […]

Valley Replaces Chimney Chase Top in Naperville

With winter just around the corner and the return of bone-chilling temps, now is an important time to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your chimney and its flue system. After all, you need to be 100 percent certain that everything is in working order before lighting up that first warm and cozy fire. […]

fox valley fireplace cleaning

Is Your Chimney and Fireplace Ready for Winter?

Even though the warmth and humidity of summer is still upon us, now is the time to start thinking about the safe operation of your chimney and fireplace for the upcoming fall and winter season. Appointments with Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration fill up fast come September and October, so now is the time to […]

valley chimney cement chimney crown/cap

Help! I Have Mold in My Chimney

The fireplace is a haven for many dangers around the house. From deadly carbon monoxide leaks to the possibility of catastrophic fire in the home, your chimney and fireplace need a lot of extra special care to ensure their safe operation. Another hard-to-detect safety hazard is the growth and presence of mold. As is well […]

Chimney Chase Top Replacement in Aurora

2017 is the year for chimney chase top replacement at Fox Valley’s best chimney sweep Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration. Normally we complete about 100 of these chimney chase replacements each year. It’s only July, and we’ve already surpassed that number! Our most recent replacement took place on a home in Aurora. A reliable chimney […]

Chimney Chase Top Replacement in Morris

Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration recently completed the installation of a new chimney chase on a home in Morris, IL.  We installed the chase after our homeowners began to notice some wear and tear on their previous cover. The chimney chase is made up of a large flat sheet of copper or stainless steel that covers […]

Chimney Chase Top Replacement in Montgomery

We recently installed a new chimney chase top in Montgomery, IL. Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration installed the chase top after our homeowners had new siding installed on their home. The chimney chase cover is a piece of copper or stainless steel that covers the complete top surface of the chimney housing and extends over the edges of the siding or […]


Why is the Siding on My Chimney Melting?

It’s not something we see a lot, but occasionally we get calls from worried homeowners with a curious complaint. The vinyl siding that covers their chimney has melted, causing it to warp and buckle. These calls normally come in after the siding has been replaced and during warmer spring or summer months. And while it’s […]

Local Dryer Fire Reminds Us of Importance of Regular Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleanings

Not a week goes by when we don’t hear of another tragic fire caused by an overheated dryer sparking built up lint in the dryer vent. The most recent case took place just north of our Yorkville chimney sweep shop in McHenry, IL. Luckily no one was injured, but when firefighters arrived they found the […]

Hearth Craft glass fireplace doors

How Important Are Glass Fireplace Doors?

One of the more common questions we receive in our daily jobs as Chicago’s best chimney sweep is “Do you recommend glass fireplace doors?” Our answer is always an overwhelming Yes! As we’ve discussed in the past, properly fitted glass screen doors can improve your fireplace experience in many ways, including improved aesthetics, efficiency and […]

replace wood burning with gas fireplace

Pro Tips for a Well-Maintained Chimney and Fireplace

We tell you about the importance of an annual chimney inspection and cleaning just about every chance we get. In fact, we most recently wrote about DIY chimney cleaning, and how much of a bad idea that is. Regular chimney inspections and cleanings by certified chimney sweeps are essential to the safe operation of your […]

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover My Chimney Repairs?

A question we are often asked is “Do you think my insurance will cover these chimney repairs?” While we’re not professional insurance adjusters and one can never be certain unless they ask, it’s been our experience that most homeowners insurance policies do NOT cover the majority of our chimney sweep and repair services. In this […]

find out why your fireplace smells

When to Call in a Chimney Sweep for Help

As Chicago’s best chimney sweep and restoration service, we spend a lot of time preaching the virtues of an annual chimney inspection and cleaning. Annual chimney service is one essential way to ensure the continued safe operation of one of the most treasured parts of your home. However, there are issues that may pop up with […]

chimney sweep Plainfield IL

Inspecting and Cleaning Your Chimney is Not a DIY Job

Late in 2016 the professional organization that leads the chimney and dryer vent maintenance education industry, the Chimney Safety Institute of America, was successful in forcing Angie’s List to remove an article from its website that instructed homeowners they can inspect and clean their own chimneys. Rightfully so, the CSIA fought hard to have this misleading […]

holiday mantel decorations

18 Gorgeous Holiday Mantel Ideas

Decorating the house for the holidays is a longstanding tradition. One of the most common things to decorate this time of year is the mantel and fireplace. Whether your family goes all out decorating the mantel with garland, pinecones, and lights, or prefers to go a more simplistic route, we can all admire gorgeous holiday […]

benefits of gas burning fireplace

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

When you think of a fireplace, your mind may immediately conjure up images of a traditional wood burning fireplace, with the smell of burning firewood filling the room. However, in recent years, gas fireplaces have increased in popularity and are being installed much more frequently. At Valley Chimney, we inspect both types of fireplaces, but […]

Tips for How to Store Your Firewood

By now if you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, you’ve purchased your supply of firewood for the winter. If you’re a real pro, you actually purchased your unseasoned firewood last year and it’s been seasoning (drying) in your yard all year. And as long as this isn’t your first winter with a fireplace, […]

How much wood is in a cord?

How Much Wood is in a Cord? Don’t Get Scammed!

As Chicago’s highest-rated chimney sweep, the pros at Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration see our fair share of scams. Most of them involve unqualified workers posing as sweeps coming into your home and not performing any of the work they are charging you for. But another kind of increasingly common scam we’re seeing is in the […]

dryer vent exhaust cleaning

Six Signs That It’s Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent

In addition to being Chicago’s best chimney sweep, Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration also offers dryer vent cleaning and replacement services to the Western Suburbs. Sadly, many people never even realize that their dryer vent needs regular inspection and cleaning until it’s too late. About 15,000 dryers catch fire every year, and most are caused […]

replace wood burning with gas fireplace

Use These Thanksgiving Fireplace Safety Tips as you Decorate for the Holidays

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many of us turn our attention to the joy of decorating our homes with pumpkins, fall leaves and other holiday decor. Creating a warm and comfortable environment is essential to providing that perfect family Thanksgiving feast. Those of us with fireplaces know that because of their warmth and charm, fireplaces […]

national chimney safety week

Mark National Chimney Safety Week by Using These Chimney Safety Tips

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 22,300 chimney fires occurred annually in the United States between 2011 and 2013. That’s a pretty staggering and devastating figure! And although this represents a decrease from previous years, we at Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration believe there’s a lot of room for improvement. 2016’s National Chimney […]

What Level of Chimney Inspection Do I need?

What is the Difference Between Level 1, 2, and 3 Chimney Inspections?

The National Fire Protection Association is the nation’s governing body when it comes to standards set for chimney inspections. The NFPA outlines three levels of chimney inspection, depending on what circumstances are occurring that have triggered the inspection. In general, the greater the number level of inspection the more detailed the inspection will be. A […]

certified chimney sweep badge

Ensure Your Chimney Sweep Lives by a Professional Code of Ethics

As the oldest continually certified chimney sweep in the nation, we at Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration have worked long and hard at developing a reputation of being an honest company that provides the very best in Chicago-area chimney and fireplace services. Something we are seeing more and more of each day are unscrupulous individuals […]

chimney sweep Plainfield IL

What to Do When Chimney Sweeps Recommend Different Repairs and Quotes

As certified chimney sweeps, we are often called upon to give consultations and estimates for work we may never actually complete. That’s no problem for us. We enjoy working with everyone who calls us into their home and gives us a chance to win their business. However, what often happens in our business is that […]

find out why your fireplace smells

Help! My Chimney Is Allowing Water to Leak into My Home

One frequent call we receive as chimney repair specialists is for water leaking in and around the chimney. The causes of a leaking chimney can range from the simple to the complex, and in general most or all leaks are caused by one of the following: Missing chimney cover While not very common, we have run […]

Creosote build up removal

Creosote Build Up in Your Chimney is Dangerous. Valley Chimney Can Help!

Yes, it’s summer and you’re probably not thinking too much about how clean your chimney is, or whether it’s ready for use this fall. But having your chimney maintained during the summer is actually beneficial for a number of reason, including very little wait time in scheduling your appointment. Summer is our slow season, and […]

Beware of chimney repair scams

Avoid Chimney Sweep and Repair Scams with Regular Inspections and Cleanings

In our nearly 40 years of providing the Chicago area with trusted chimney sweeping services, we’ve heard of just about every type of scam unscrupulous individuals use to dupe unsuspecting homeowners. We recently heard of the re-emergence of one of the oldest in the book. Police just outside of Boston, Mass. reported that two individuals […]

valley chimney installs wood stove

Wood Stove Installation in Yorkville, Illinois

We recently installed a new wood stove for a family in Yorkville, Illinois. Our owner Terry Dearborn and the team installed the wood stove from start to finish. Terry taught them how to use the stove and even lit the first fire, to ensure the client had all the information they needed. Valley Chimney Sweep […]

Chimney swift

Birds in Your Chimney? It Could Be the Federally Protected Chimney Swift

With the prevalence of dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses like the West Nile Virus, the job of mosquito-eating animals becomes all the more important. One of the most voracious consumers of mosquitos is the Chimney Swift. The Chimney Swift is a medium-sized bird that is dark gray in appearance on its back and light brown on its […]

Dryer vent cleaning this spring

Spring Cleaning the Perfect Time for a Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleaning

Now that spring is finally here, many of us are turning our attention to some serious cleaning up around the house. Many of the tasks we take on ourselves every spring don’t require the help of a trained professional. However, an annual dryer vent inspection and cleaning is not one of those tasks. To help […]

Valley Chimney’s Terry Dearborn Attends His 38th NCSG Convention

Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration owner Terry Dearborn and his wife, Wendy, recently attended the National Chimney Sweep Guild Convention. Held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida from February 24 – February 27, the NCSG Convention 2016 consisted of 4 days of classes, trade shows, meetings, and a banquet and awards ceremony. It is […]

What Not to Burn in Your Fireplace

Recently we discussed why you should only burn seasoned wood in your fireplace or wood-burning stove. To recap, there are two main reasons why you shouldn’t burn unseasoned or green wood in your home. First, moist wood is incredibly inefficient and doesn’t produce as much heat as seasoned wood. Secondly, unseasoned wood creates smoke, creating […]


What to Do If You Suspect Mold in Your Chimney or Fireplace

One of the most harmful and difficult issues to detect in any home is the presence and growth of mold. Most of us are aware of the typical areas around the home where mold can take hold, spread and lead to adverse health effects for you and your family. But did you know that your […]

Valley Chimney Sweep Continues to Collect Five-Star Reviews

As we enter the coldest months of 2016, and our crews are now busier than ever servicing Chicago-area chimneys and dryer vents, we wanted to take a few moments to thank all of our new and repeat customers from 2015. Your loyal business is what has kept us as Chicago’s best chimney sweep for nearly […]

dryer vent exhaust cleaning

How to Prevent a Dryer Fire From Destroying Your Home

We were saddened to read recently of a home in nearby Naperville, IL that received extensive damage after a fire that inspectors deemed to be caused by excessive build up of lint in the home’s dryer vent. The fire started in a second floor laundry room after the dryer unit burst into flames and then […]

Before Lighting a Fire, Read These Top 10 Fireplace and Chimney Safety Tips

As we head into yet another deep Midwestern freeze, many of us turn to our fireplace or wood-burning stove for either a primary or secondary source of warmth in our homes. It’s no wonder, fireplaces can be a very economical way to heat the home. And who doesn’t love to relax next to a cozy […]

What Causes Chimney Fires and How to Prevent Them

So far in the fall of 2015 we’ve already read about two chimney fires in the western suburbs of Chicago. The first took place Oct. 20, 2015, in an Elgin home in which wood and insulation inside the brick caught fire. About $53,000 in damage was done to the home. The second chimney fire occurred […]

replace wood burning with gas fireplace

Converting a Wood Burning Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace

If the thought of a low maintenance fireplace makes you feel all warm inside, but the thought of building a fire, keeping it lit, and keeping a clean fireplace hearth stresses you out, you might be a good candidate for a gas conversion fireplace. Yes, we can turn your wood-burning fireplace into gas one. Converting […]

Illinois chimney

How Often Should I Get My Chimney Cleaned?

One of the most common questions we get is: How often should I have my chimney cleaned? The quick answer is every year. The National Fire Protection Association Standards say you should have your chimney, fireplaces and vents inspected once a year. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that open masonry fireplaces should […]


Is It Time To Replace Your Dryer Vents

Local codes have changed and many homes don’t have dryer vent duct work that is up to code. Having the right dryer exhaust ductwork means you are creating a safe home by minimizing fire risk from your dryer. Recently, there have been dryer fires than chimney fires. Is your dryer vented properly? Consider these standard […]

vines on my chimney - Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration

Are Vines On My Chimney A Bad Thing?

We get a call weekly from suburban Chicago homeowners asking about vines on the chimney and how that might impact their chimney’s safety. During a home inspection or a chimney inspection, your chimney sweep will probably advise you of the risks that vines cause on masonry. As plants grow they seek light and moisture. As […]

fireplace fire

Cleaning Logs May Cause More Damage Rather Than Clean Your Chimney

We keep getting called out for chimney sweeping appointments for wood stoves and fireplaces regarding the detrimental effects of chimney cleaning logs. In this instance, the homeowner called us out because they had a chimney fire using the “cleaning log.” The fire did not clean their chimney, instead it terrified them because it burned off […]

what to expect with a chimney sweep

What To Expect When Expecting A Chimney Sweep

You’ve made the plunge to home ownership and you have prioritized your family’s safety. And, you enjoy a cozy fire all winter long. This means you’ve scheduled a chimney sweep …or you are thinking about it. Congratulations! This is a key step in ensuring your home’s safety. Your chimney sweep appointment is more than just […]

Valley Chimney & Affordable Roofing-Partners

Go-To Roofing Company in Western Chicago Suburbs

Roofers and chimney sweeps work together a lot. Sometimes a roofing problem turns out to be a chimney issue and other times a chimney issue requires a roofing expert. And since the customer might not know the other is needed, we as chimney sweeps tend to have to make a recommendation for a roofing company. […]

prefabricated fireplace replacement Valley Chimney

Prefabricated Fireplace Replacement

Since the 1960s, prefabricated fireplaces have become a popular alternative to masonry chimney fireplaces. The fireplace is built in a factory to engineered specifications and then installed into the new (or existing) home, usually by a professional fireplace installer or licensed contractor with some CSIA training. The ease and simplicity of installing prefab fireplaces has […]

Real Estate and Your Chimney

Real Estate and Your Chimney

Ready to buy or sell your house? With warmer months come real estate season. Although people buy and sell houses all year long, more houses go on the market and sell when the weather is pleasant. Whether you are looking to buy a home or list your house for sale, Valley Chimney wants to remind […]


Leaky Aurora Chimney Gets a Rush Chase Cover Replacement

June 2015 will go down as a very rainy month. With a lot of rain, we get calls about leaky roofs. We were called out to an Aurora, Il home for a leaky chimney. It was in bad shape. Such bad shape, that we had to put a plastic bag over the chimney until we could […]

masonry repairs in summer

What is the Best Time Of Year For Masonry Repairs?

Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration recommends spending a little extra time right NOW on your chimney and fireplace to save yourself extra work later. Let’s face it, last winter was really rough and your chimney may not be top priority right now because you aren’t using your fireplace or wood stove until late fall or […]

Reasons to get chimney cleaned summer

9 Good Reasons You Should Get Your Chimney Cleaned This Summer

It’s spring now. I don’t want to say it too loud in fear that we might get another cold snap. But, hopefully the hats, snow boots, and indoor fire building skills are being stored away and replaced by shorts and flipflops, and backyard barbeques. With all the summer things to look forward to, we want […]

spring chimney cleaning

Spring Chimney Maintenance

It was a very cold winter, then we got a taste of spring weather, and then there was snow on the ground again. Mother Nature seems to do this to us every spring. The drastic change in weather is not only annoying as we try to dress our children in weather-appropriate clothing, but also damaging […]

maytag vintage washer ad

Do I Need To Clean My Dryer Vent Exhaust?

Dryer vent cleaning is a safety issue, but it is also an efficiency issue. Safety First – lint is flammable and combustible. Have you seen the DIY firestarter trick using lint and toilet paper rolls? That pretty much explains the flammability of lint. Now imagine the safety hazards of having that stuff in your vents. […]

Illinois chimney

6 Things You Should Ask Before You Hire A Chimney Sweep

Unlike many home services, chimney sweeping is a largely unregulated field, which means any anyone can set up shop. That means homeowners are susceptible to getting scammed when it comes time to get their chimney sweep and cleaned. And it happens, a lot. That’s why it is important to research your chimney sweep and make […]

hearthcraft masonry

Why Are Glass Fireplace Doors So Important?

While lots of fireplace accessories are for esthetics, glass fireplace screens add beauty and actually serve the functional purpose of increasing fireplace safety and heating efficiency. Many sweeping clients ask our Certified Chimney Sweep® techs about glass doors for their fireplace. Whether it is a masonry or a factory-built fireplace, the principles are the same. […]

home sweet fireplace home

Home Inspection and Your Chimney

Home inspections might be optional, but really not worth skipping. Once you have settled on a home that you want to purchase and agreed on a price, the deal is still not final. A buyer has the option to have a professional home inspector check out the home. Because a home is a large investment […]

before chimney crown

Do I Need My Chimney Crown Sealed Or Repaired?

During routine chimney inspections, our Certified Chimney Sweeps® might find some repair issues that are not easily fixed by a standard chimney sweep or inspection. Chances are you will not be surprised by your chimney sweep’s findings because you know how old your home is or because your home inspector gave you some great insight […]

chimney sweep Plainfield IL

Will I Need More Than A Chimney Sweep?

Should I Be Worried? Will I Need More Than A Chimney Sweep? We worked with a couple recently that bought a home out of foreclosure in Plainfield, IL. Because of all the other issues they were facing with getting their new home up to snuff including replacing just about everything in the home, they were […]

Cooking Safety

Cooking Fire Safety

Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration wants you to be safe from chimney fires and any home fires this holiday season. Here’s some facts from the National Fire Protection Association about Cooking Fire Safety. Thank you NFPA for sharing! To learn more about the risk of a cooking fire in your home, go here.

lighting a fire

Lighting a Fire in the Fireplace 101

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, you appreciate the warmth and light from your fireplace, making being indoors a little more cozy. And this just doesn’t suffice: (it’s a 2 hour video of a fire in a fireplace) Whether you are more of a summer person, longing for the warmer weather […]

unseasoned firewood

Why You Shouldn’t Burn Unseasoned Wood in Your Fireplace

  As the temperatures drop and we get busy doing pre-winter chimney inspections, we get asked a lot about firewood. Ash trees are great for firewood and actually grown to cut down for firewood, however due to Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive pest that kills Ash trees, firewood is limited to traveling across most state […]

freeze thaw chimney

Temperature Changes and Your Chimney

Freeze and Thaw Affects Your Chimney Let’s face it. We live in a very cold part of America. The Chicago suburbs in Illinois are cold. Ok, it could be colder, we could be in Canada or Alaska, but still it is cold here in the winter. Before and after it gets bitter cold, Illinois experiences […]

Halloween mantel ideas

Fantastic and Safe Uses of a Fireplace for Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Besides the unknown temperature changes in the air, we also appreciate the fun and creativity that the season holds in store, starting with Halloween. Fire has long been part of decor for Halloween, whether to use for light or heat. There is a scary aspect to the element […]

fireplace safety tips

Fireplace Safety Creates a Warm and Safe Home

While a fire in your home provides a great source of heat as well as ambiance, entertainment, and a soothing place to relax for the whole family, there are a number of tips to help prevent any accidents or mishaps, any of which would be devastating to the whole family. “From 2008-2010, an average of […]

how much does a chimney sweep cost

How Much Does a Chimney Sweep Cost?

So, you’ve determined that your house needs a chimney inspection, good. Next up, choose the right chimney sweep and figure out how much a chimney sweep should cost.   Here are three tips to choosing the right chimney sweep.   1. Choose a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep®. When you hire a professionally recognized chimney sweep […]

chimney held together with duct tape

Why You Don’t Want a Cheap $59 Chimney Sweep

If you are looking for a quickie inspection that doesn’t mean much, something you do before you flip a house using the cheapest of materials and some duct tape, then you might be a good candidate for the $59 sweep. You also might experience sleepless nights knowing your shady house flipping and skimpy inspections led […]

What Do I Do About the Birds In My Chimney?

The weather is just starting to cool off a bit here in the far west suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and homeowners everywhere are starting to prepare for winter. We recently posted a list to help you in winterizing your home, however we neglected to mention what to do IF you find birds in your chimney. […]

7 things to do before winter

7 Things To Do To Your Home Before Winter Comes

Your home requires routine maintenance and upkeep. As your home ages, it endures summer heat, winter storms and the typical daily use by each of your family members, pets and mother nature. Some home projects don’t require a ton of specialized skills and with the right equipment tackling these projects on your own may induce […]

backpuffing fireplace

Back Puffing – Why Does My Fireplace Smoke Into My Home Occasionally?

It’s a cold winter evening and you decide to light a fire. Great idea! However, you were expecting that the smoke to go up the chimney and not come pouring into the family room. Ugh. You’re wondering now if this back puffing is caused by a serious problem, a fluke breeze or by Uncle George’s […]

before and after masonry chimney repair

Before & After Masonry Chimney Repair

During a routine chimney cleaning for a “Chimney Sweep for Life” member, we realized their chimney was starting to crumble apart. We spoke with the owners and decided together that a masonry rebuild was the best solution.  Our crew quickly started working to completely rebuild and install a new flashing to the chimney. Upon closer examination, we […]

green chimney sweep Illinois

This Chicagoland Chimney Sweep Is Green

In Europe, chimney sweeping is known as the Black trade. Our vehicles are red but Valley Chimney Sweep is really very green. We may arrive in black uniforms in our red vans but we are green at heart. We like being conscientious corporate citizens and we try to recycle everything we can to help the […]

dryer vent exhaust cleaning

Dryer Exhaust Venting Tips from Terry & Derek

When was the last time you had your dryer vent exhaust cleaned? The CSIA recommends your dryer exhaust venting be inspected yearly and cleaned when needed by a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician ( C-DET ) to cut down on needless clothes dryer/house fires and CO poisonings caused by bad venting. Did you know? Besides fire […]

chimney rain cover

The Benefits Of Having A Rain Cover On Your Chimney

Rain can damage metal fireboxes and dampers. It can also erode mortar joints, causing the chimney to weaken. For rain protection, a top quality rain cover is the solution. A stainless steel model gives lifetime protection from moisture damage. Rain covers also prevent animals from nesting in your chimney. Squirrels, raccoons and birds are the […]

valley chimney sweep van

What To Expect When a Professional Chimney Sweep Cleans Your Fireplace

When one of our certified sweeps arrives, he/she will tarp the work area and assist you in moving items out of the area. The chimney will then be evaluated for its condition and if a cleaning is in order. A special dust collection vacuum will run during the cleaning process. The damper will be removed […]

find out why your fireplace smells

Find Out Why Your Fireplace Smells And How To Fix It

Your fireplace always has an odor, but normal draft takes the smell up the flue to the outside. If you smell your fireplace, outside air is being sucked into your house. As a general rule, a chimney sweeping is in order if you haven’t done it recently. Any build up of soot in the chimney […]

before and after chimney crown repair

Before & After Chimney Crown Repair

Our crew at Valley Chimney just finished this chimney repair in Naperville, IL. When we started, the chimney crown was heavily rusted and the chimney wasn’t watertight causing problems inside the home. After seeing the damage, we got straight to work and starting pouring a new cement chimney crown and replaced the patio stones on […]

perfect fireplace

Does My Gas Fireplace Need to Be Cleaned?

Gas fireplaces are becoming very popular in new homes, house remodels and even some advanced level DIY home improvement projects. There are a number of benefits to a gas fireplace including the removal of the chores: chopping, stacking and carrying wood into the house as well as cleaning the ashes left from the previous fire. However, […]

fireplace fire

3 Reasons to Budget for an Annual Chimney Sweep

Even if it hasn’t been high on the priority list, we implore you to consider the hazards of not having your chimney inspected and cleaned. Although once a year is ideal, Chicago suburban home owners don’t always comply. Maybe you just purchased the house, maybe you haven’t burned much wood last year. The National Fire […]

before fireplace soot removal

Fireplace Soot Removed Inside and Out

Valley Chimney recently was hired to fix a stone fireplace in Oswego, IL. The fireplace was given a full sweeping and some fireplace parts were replaced. However, the stone around the fireplace still had some dark sooty parts making the job look incomplete. We applied the new Saver System product called Paint “N” Peel and […]

orphaned hot water heater

Will Your New Furnace Orphan Your Hot Water Heater?

Make sure you compare apples to apples with your furnace replacement quotes. Pay particular attention to what the contractor plans to do to vent your water heater after the new furnace is installed. Ask questions if they did not mention how your water heater will be vented. Many times furnace companies will not even address […]

Recent Chimney Cap Replacement in Oswego, IL

We were called to fix a chimney leak after Affordable Roofing (Aurora,IL) referred the homeowners to us. Turns out that they were a previous sweeping customer from the 80s. But 30 years of weather had deteriorated the sill stones that were used to close off the chimney top and they were just sitting in place because […]

valley chimney cement chimney crown/cap

What is the Purpose of a Cement Chimney Crown/Cap?

#1 When a chimney is without a cement crown or mortar wash/splay on top. The rain hits the top of the bricks and soaks into the bricks causing wet walls inside and causing the mortar to loosen and pop out from between the bricks. The latter is caused by constant freezing and thawing (contraction & expansion ), which can sometimes […]

Illinois chimney

How Chimney Maintenance Saves You Money

Cleaning your chimney may not be the first thing that comes to mind when spring rolls around. But before you gear up for warmer weather, don’t forget to clean up from last season. Maintaining a clean chimney creates a safer environment and ultimately saves you money. We have listed a few reasons why it is […]

Terry Dearborn - Yorkville Chimney Sweep

Local Chimney Sweep Gets National Honor

Terry A. Dearborn of Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration attended his 32nd consecutive National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG) convention in Orlando, FL, and was presented the President’s Award by Guild President, Jay Walker. Annually awarded since 1994 by the current NCSG President at his sole discretion, the two foot tall carved statue and engraving were […]