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Keep Birds & Other Animals Out of Your Chimney 

Your chimney can become a home for birds and other animals, especially during the offseason like spring and summer. However, you can keep your chimney animal-free by installing a chimney cap, that’s the surefire way to keep the unwanted house…


Why A Chimney Cap Is Essential

There are many essential products you need for your chimney, one of them is a chimney cap. A chimney cap has many uses, but one of the biggest reasons to have a cap is to protect your chimney from water…


Schedule Your Spring Chimney Maintenance

As you’re putting together your spring to-do list for tasks to accomplish around the house, think about your chimney and the maintenance it might need for the spring and summer months. The drastic changes in the weather, from snow to…


“Great service and great quality workmanship.  Have used them for the last 10 years and have always been pleased.  Never been up sold or told that my chimney requires extensive repair.  Utilized another chimney service provider and by the end of the appointment they made me feel that I needed a completely new fireplace after only having the house built for two years.  Valley Chimney has never done that and has always taken care of my fire place.  Would highly recommend.”

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