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Providing Consistent Life-Long Service To Chimneys, We Want To Be Your Chimney Sweep For Life.

When we come out to your home for the first time, we provide more than just an inspection and cleaning. However, we want to be able to service and maintain your chimney forever. We know that consistency in service is important. Based on fireplace usage, appliance efficiency, type of wood, as well as your chimney design and construction, we can determine when we should come out next.
As a Chimney for Life customer, we will pre-schedule your next inspection and sweeping appointment. Whether it is semi-annual, annual or bi-annual, we can make sure you don’t forget about keeping your home safe with a regular chimney sweep and inspection.

Join the hundreds of safe homeowners that use our program. We have some customer’s chimneys that we’ve been sweeping for over 20 years! We are their Sweep for Life.

As a Sweep for Life client, you get:

  • Dated 4″ x 4″ marker tile with our contact info at the chimney
  • Paid receipt/invoice copy in a custom file folder for your records
  • Reminder refrigerator magnet with the future date and time scheduled
  • Every 10th sweep for free

Of course, we understand that commitments can change and a simple call to our office can easily reschedule your FORWARD SCHEDULED appointment for a different time.

We have houses that we have known longer than the current owners! These new owners choose us because we provide insight and history of previous damages, repairs and cleaning records.
Give us a try and we know you will be happy to have us be your CHIMNEY SWEEP FOR LIFE.

Credit for the Chimney Sweep for Life concept was first brought to our attention by sweeping guru, Bob Daniels aka SOOTY BOB. This was an inspirational seminar at a National Chimney Sweep Guild annual convention. We came home and fully embraced this business philosophy as our modus operandi.

We want to be your Chimney Sweep for Life!

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