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At the Chicago area’s most-trusted chimney sweep, Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration, we can turn your wood-burning stove into a gas fireplace. We can also replace your existing gas logs with the latest and most efficient model.

At Valley Chimney, we use and recommend Rasmussen Gas Logs. Rasmussen is a fourth-generation company that manufactures its products right here in the USA in its Whittier, California facility. The company was founded in 1907.

Rasmussen Gas Logs are manufactured with a thorough process of mixing shale aggregate, high temperature cement and other additives. The mixture is then poured in to latex rubber molds that are shaped from pieces of real wood. This process can take three days or more to perfect.

Each gas log is also reinforced with a steel rod in the event of a heat-shock crack caused by uneven heating. After an individual log is fired in its mold, it is then stained with an environmentally safe water-based ceramic stain that penetrates the log for longer-lasting color than paint used in competing gas logs.

Rasmussen offers several lines, looks and styles in each of its vented and vent free gas log lines. Visit the company’s website to choose the style that best fits your home.

Each Rasmussen gas log set comes with a two-year product warranty, and the company prides itself on top-notch customer service. Contact Valley today to discuss ordering and placing a Rasmussen Gas Log set in your home.

rasmussen gas logs


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“Fantastic service by Terry and his team. I have a wood burning/gas fireplace that needed cleaning and to check for animals that I had heard near the chimney. They did a thorough cleaning (and kept the house clean while doing it!) and found no evidence of animal activity. Terry showed me that the previous owners had tapped into the gas line incorrectly and had used copper pipe for the gas to the fireplace. They removed (at my request) all gas components and the fireplace is now safe and set for wood burning (I can have it changed back to gas in a safe manner later). I'm very grateful that they found and fixed the possibly dangerous situation and did a wonderful job on everything else. I highly recommend Valley Chimney!”

‐ Diane R.

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