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Fireplace Soot Removed Inside and Out

Valley Chimney recently was hired to fix a stone fireplace in Oswego, IL. The fireplace was given a full sweeping and some fireplace parts were replaced. However, the stone around the fireplace still had some dark sooty parts making the job look incomplete.

We applied the new Saver System product called Paint “N” Peel and watched magic happen. Seriously, it was like magic. It paints on white and sucks out the smoke stains and turns dark brown and black. After waiting a few days, the customer just peeled off the material. He was very impressed. He was skeptical about the ease of removal but extremely pleased with the results. The fireplace looks like new!

Before you replace your stone fireplace, call Valley Chimney and see if we can come in and refresh and renew your soot covered masonry.

This is the results from our our project here:

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