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Upgrade Your Fireplace With Gas Logs

Starting a fire in your chimney shouldn’t be a complicated process, and gas logs can make it easier. We often hear from homeowners, “I would like to use my fireplace more than just once a year” and our answer is, you can with gas logs from Valley Chimney.

Gas logs pay for themselves in terms of convenience and safety. Think about the times you’ve wanted to start a fire in your house, but you don’t have wood to burn or your fireplace is a mess. With gas logs, turning on the fire is easy, just make sure the damper is open, and the gas is on. When you’re done with the fire, you don’t have to wait for the flame to burn out, you can simply shut off the gas, close the damper and carry on with your night. It’s that easy!

Not only is starting that cozy fire easy but so is maintaining your fireplace with gas logs. You’ll spend less time on chimney maintenance, and you won’t have to clean up the area every time you use the fireplace. We do recommend having your chimney cleaned at least once a year still, just to ensure everything is in proper working condition.

Some of the other benefits to installing gas logs are they can take care of any fireplace draft problem you may have. The logs are also safer, especially with pets and kids around, as they don’t produce flying sparks, but create a tame flame. They’re environmentally friendly, producing fewer emissions, and burn natural gas and propane.

Another question we’re asked often is if the gas logs are realistic looking. These logs add a great aesthetic to your home, as they’re placed just right in the firebox, so your fire is picture-worthy every time. The logs our Valley Chimney team installs look like actual wood logs in your fireplace. There are two specific styles we install the most are CrossFire and Evening CrossFire logs from Rasmussen.

Gas logs should last ten plus years, with moderate use, the only maintenance on them will consist of light cleaning. Over time, a black look will that appear on them, it’s carbon which is non-flammable.

We only sell and install vented gas logs, and we require our customers to have a chimney already in place before we install gas logs. When your gas logs are installed, you’ll receive everything including the gas bar and the grates.

Find out how you can start using your fireplace more with gas logs and schedule your installation today!

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