Is It Time To Replace Your Dryer Vents

Local codes have changed and many homes don’t have dryer vent duct work that is up to code. Having the right dryer exhaust ductwork means you are creating a safe home by minimizing fire risk from your dryer. Recently, there have been dryer fires than chimney fires.

Is your dryer vented properly?

Consider these standard rules:

  • Dryer ducts must be at least 4” in diameter and at least as large as the dryer outlet
  • Dryer exhaust should not be longer than 25 feet (each 90° angle adds 5 feet)
  • Dryer vent should end outside, not in a chimney crawl space, attic or garage
  • The termination point of the dryer vent should have a back draft damper and bird guard protection
  • Metal transition ducts should be used only between the dryer and the exhaust duct at the wall or ceiling
  • Flexible transition ducts shall never be used in enclosed area; only 4″ rigid metal is allowed

In case you don’t know, foil dryer vent ducts are flammable.
Take a look at the duct work behind your dryer and if it is white, plastic or very thin like these, then consider replacing it.

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Valley Chimney Sweep & Restoration has Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician (C-DET®) on staff. We can not only come out and sweep your Chicagoland chimney, but we can clean your dryer vents too! If you have come to realize that your dryer vents run past the length that you are comfortable cleaning or you’ve noticed that your wash isn’t drying as fast as it used to, we can help!

If your dryer exhaust ducts are:

  • Not performing at their best
  • Ductwork is made from thin foil or plastic (as shown above)
  • Sagging in places or has many bends and turns before it exits the home
  • Exhaust doesn’t exit the home

Then give us a call because we can clean your dryer exhaust. We are also certified to do dryer vent replacement and rerouting.

If you didn’t see enough reasons above to replace your dryer vents, here’s one more great reason, dryer vent pumpkins!

We fully support the recycled, frugal, DIY crafting used to turn flexible thin foil (that should be replaced anyway) into magical pumpkins and turkeys!

dryer-vent-pumpkin  dryer vent pumpkin 2
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