How Chimney Maintenance Saves You Money

Cleaning your chimney may not be the first thing that comes to mind when spring rolls around. But before you gear up for warmer weather, don’t forget to clean up from last season. Maintaining a clean chimney creates a safer environment and ultimately saves you money. We have listed a few reasons why it is a good idea to have routine maintenance on your chimney and how it saves you money.

Reduces Fire Hazard – The buildup of soot and creosote causes fire to function differently than it should. It produces less heat, pushes harmful chemicals into the room and poses a fire hazard.

Increases Life of Flue System – A combination of creosote and soot build up in the chimney flue over time as the chimney is being used and can significantly shorten the life of a flue. The chemicals and trapped moisture instigate corrosion and will require replacement sooner than necessary when a chimney flue isn’t properly taken care of.

Reduces Risk of Chimney Fire – When fires are burned, chemicals are released into the chimney. The buildup of chemicals is extremely flammable and can be the direct cause of a chimney fire. To avoid chemical buildup and chimney fires, contact a chimney sweep and have your flue cleaned.

Promotes Home Safety – Getting your chimney routinely checked allows you the opportunity to find and address problems at an earlier time and cheaper cost. Finding potential problems earlier creates an opportunity for a simple fix for both home owners and chimney sweeps.

Prevents Health Risks – When a chimney is not taken care of and cleaned, it poses serious health risks. Gases enter the room at increasingly larger amounts over time, and people within the house can breathe in damaging chemicals.

This should help in understanding the benefits of routinely having your chimney cleaned and the dangers you face when you don’t.


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