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How To Reduce The Cost of a Chimney Sweep

While chimneys may not be as common as they once were, a recent study shows that 44 % of new homes had plans for a chimney. There’s just something special about gathering around a cozy fireplace at night. But with the current economy, if you have a chimney, you might be looking for ways on how to reduce the cost of a chimney sweep.

Chimney sweeps are part of the required maintenance for any homeowner with a fireplace. Paying for a chimney sweep at least once a year is a necessity. After all, burning wood in a dirty chimney can potentially lead to a fire or even release toxic fumes into the home. Luckily, your cost of a chimney sweep can be reduced!

We cover the best ways to reduce the annual cost of a chimney sweep.

professional chimney sweeps.why DIY chimney sweeps are dangerousSchedule an Annual Inspection to Reduce Cost of Chimney Sweep.

Some homeowners think that performing a chimney sweep every two years is a way to save on chimney sweep costs. While you do save on the cost of the chimney sweep, you risk significantly higher costs by doing so.

It’s imperative to have your chimney inspected annually by professionals before winter every year. This will ensure your chimney is in top working condition and ready to handle increased usage over the colder months ahead.

In addition, one of the key benefits of an annual chimney inspection is that it will reveal potential issues long before they become a major concern, such as obstructions in the flue or inadequate ventilation. These issues left untreated, or unreported due to a missed annual chimney inspection, can result in expensive repairs next year. These issues could have been a quicker, cheaper fix if spotted by a professional earlier on.

It’s not just damage from water damage or other elemental exposure that occurs, animals can also decide to make your chimney their new home. These animal dwellings can block your chimney, damage your flue, and lead to a number of issues when you start to use the chimney. Not to mention you also risk injuring the innocent animals who were just trying to stay warm.

An annual chimney inspection and chimney sweep by a professional will address these issues before they become a major repair cost. Your chimney sweep professional will help relocate any animals who’ve made your chimney their new nest, and identify any damaged areas that have appeared. They will explain what the issues are and the best course of action to address them.

So, by scheduling an annual chimney sweep you reduce increased chimney-related costs later on.

Image of fireplace for How To Reduce Your Chimney Sweep Cost in 2022Only Burn Approved Materials to Increase Chimney Lifespan

You might be tempted to throw a variety of materials in your fireplace to dispose of them. This is not a good idea and can lead to increased costs for your annual chimney maintenance. Remember that burning certain materials in the fireplace can cause serious problems with your chimney. We cover this in more detail in our blog Don’t Burn These Items In Your Fireplace.

For instance, burning trash or undried wood in the fireplace can accelerate the buildup of creosote in the chimney, which can cause sweeping costs to rise. Meanwhile, using accelerants like lighter fluid is highly discouraged due to the risk of a house fire and the potentially harmful vapors it can release. These toxic fumes can endanger you and your family.

To slow down the accumulation of tar and other byproducts that can clog up your chimney, burn only fully-dried hardwoods that are prepared strictly for use in fireplaces. Fuels like driftwood or green wood should be avoided altogether.

By avoiding the list of items harmful to your chimney, you can reduce the risk of damage from build-up or needing an additional chimney sweep. Using your chimney as suggested will help you reduce costs.

Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration, Certified Chimney Sweep ProfessionalsAlways Hire a Certified Chimney Sweep Professional

Hiring a chimney sweep professional for your annual chimney sweep is highly recommended. We go in-depth about this in 5 Reasons You Should Choose a Certified Chimney Sweep Service.

By hiring a certified chimney sweep professional you reduce the risk of danger, from unrecognized signs of damage or failure to remove creosote build-up. Certified chimney sweep professionals are trained on how to identify chimney issues and clean your chimney correctly.

A dirty chimney can contain many harmful substances, and the only way to make sure they are completely removed is by having the flue cleaned by experienced professionals. Attempting to conduct a chimney sweep on your own can quickly become a messy, time-consuming affair, not to mention the many health hazards associated with the job.

These are just a few of the reasons Why DIY Chimney Sweep are Dangerous.

Hiring a certified chimney sweep professional to clean out your chimney will ensure the task gets done safely and consistently every time.

Image of snowy chimney for How To Reduce Your Chimney Sweep Cost in 2022Schedule Your Chimney Sweep Early to Save Money

We understand that summer is a busy time and you might not have to schedule your next chimney sweep as a priority. However, if you want to save money on your next chimney sweep it should be!

As with everything, costs continue to increase and chimney sweep services are not immune to this. In the fall, around September, our chimney sweep prices are raised to accurately reflect the change in buying power. By scheduling your chimney sweep earlier in the summer, you can lock in your price and avoid the price increase.

Another major reason to get your chimney sweep scheduled before the first cold September night is to avoid the rush. When the weather starts to get colder the majority of homeowners schedule their chimney sweeps, this creates a high demand that books our schedules for weeks in advance, sometimes months.

To avoid having to wait, or find another more expensive chimney sweep service, book your chimney sweep during the summer when our schedules are wide open. You guarantee your chimney will be ready for the cold weather and avoid potentially paying more for a last-minute expedited chimney sweep service.

Chimney Sweep for Life image of Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration VanReduce Cost of Chimney Sweep with Our Chimney Sweep for Life

At Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration, we can reduce the flue cleaning costs for years to come. With our Chimney Sweep for Life Program, you can rest assured your chimney is always in top working condition.

We’ll schedule chimney cleanings, by certified chimney sweep professionals, depending on the usage, fuel type, and design of the chimney so you can enjoy your fireplace with confidence. After finishing a chimney sweep, our team will provide you with a 4×4 marker tile with our contact info and a copy of the invoice for your records.

Our team also gives you a refrigerator magnet with a reminder of your next scheduled chimney cleaning. As part of the perks for signing up with our Chimney Sweep for Life program, we also offer a free chimney sweep for every 10th visit.

Choose the Best Chimney Sweep in Chicago. Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration

Living with a dirty chimney isn’t good for your health and is potentially quite dangerous. Using a dirty chimney can lead to respiratory problems for loved ones or can even cause a fire. Before using your fireplace this fall or winter, contact our team of CSIA and National Chimney Sweep Guild-certified professionals at Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration for comprehensive flue cleaning services.

At Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration we are a family-owned chimney service company that has served over 40,000 chimneys since 1978. Our clients are located in the western suburbs of Chicago and receive the best chimney sweep services in Chicago from our Certified Chimney Sweeps™.

We offer a wide range of professional chimney services. For over 40 years, our main company goal is to make residential chimneys safer to use. With constantly updated skills, techniques, and the latest equipment, our goal is to reduce chimney fire hazards and be your Chimney Sweep for Life providers.

Contact Valley Chimney Sweep and Restoration to schedule your certified Chicago chimney cleaning today!

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